Coming Soon!

This site is the location of a brand new magazine style blog where writers will share their thoughts and musings. We’ll be taking on controversial subjects too — not just fluff. But there’s a place for some fluff here too.

Embedded within the posts and sometimes as a feature, you will also see photography of interest to gay men — because there’s nothing like a little eye candy to stir up those brain chemicals. Any articles that contain Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content will be labeled as such in the heading.

Because we want our authors to be able to express themselves freely, honestly, and no holds barred, we will occasionally publish articles by authors using a pseudonym or no name at all.

We hope this site entertains, provokes thought, and stimulates you. Please bear in mind that we are not a news site. Our writers may or may not be journalists. You will find opinion here, not vetted news. We make no warranties as to the veracity of the descriptions, people, and events that our authors present to you.

A note about the Editor: I’ve had a web presence since 1996 on the old Geocities web site. Eventually, I migrated that site to a personal web site. I created a blog which I later moved to WordPress hosted on my personal web site. I’ve been writing for a long time (my first paid writing assignment was in 1982). I hope you enjoy this new venture, but if you don’t, well… at least it’s free! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me using our contact form.

Dylan Van Dean

A Generation X gay guy, interested in gadgets, photography, writing, science fiction and fantasy, movies, books, philosophy and politics.

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