Hate Proxies

President Obama

Communist dictator, socialist, queer, according to the haters.

I was wasting time on Facebook, looking at a friend’s posts and he had a link to a Fox News article. Ugh! I noticed that the article was something about Obama and one of the friends of my friend made some comment where he called Obama a Communist.

I understand that there are people who hate. In this case, they are the victims of Fox propaganda, but seriously, I just wish they would be honest about their hate and not use proxies. “Obama is a Communist.” “Obama is a socialist.” “Obama is a Muslim.”

Obama is none of those. He is a man with a darker skin color and that’s the real reason they hate him. They either won’t admit it publicly, or even to themselves, but that’s the real reason for their hate. Not these faux reasons, these proxies.

If you are going to be racist, then at least own it and don’t hide behind some other kind of bigotry that you somehow, in your weak mind, rationalize to be a more acceptable form of hate. At least the blatant racists are being truthful. As much as I despised my father’s ignorance and racist hatred, I do have to say, he didn’t hide it. He hid a lot of things he considered to be personal failings, but not that.

In hindsight, I’m glad he let it out in the open. If he had been subtle about it, it may have been more difficult for me to see and I may have been sucked into his mindset. It was easier for me to reject because it was so blatant. And that’s exactly why those who hate Obama won’t admit the real reason why. They want to spread their hate, and make Obama out to be some horrible person, and leave it up to each individual to read between the lines — which in their minds, means to see that a black man shouldn’t be President again.

It’s time to call these people out and show them for what they are. Don’t let them hide behind hate proxies.

Dylan Van Dean

A Generation X gay guy, interested in gadgets, photography, writing, science fiction and fantasy, movies, books, philosophy and politics.

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