Pope Rant On

Pope Francis in March 2013

When Pope Francis was elected, he shortly thereafter made some statements that seemed to be conciliatory toward the LGBT community. I think this fooled some folks. People wanted to like him, and felt he was a breath of fresh air after the despicable Pope Rat (my nickname for Pope Benedict XVI, who was previously known as Bishop Ratzinger). Pope Francis is worse because he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only has he backpedaled on almost everything positive he’s said about gays, he is now going gangbusters on the crazy right wing shit.

His latest bit of religious tyranny is to say that couples who don’t have children are being selfish. Seriously? Hmm… what about Popes who don’t have children? Are they selfish? No… they’re just assholes.

Wake up people. Francis is just as bad at Pope Rat, and then some.

In a world that is overpopulated, where we can’t even build infrastructure to support the existing populace, where the climate is being changed by humans, and fracking will finish destroying our already endangered drinking water, this man wants to make the problem even worse.

Dylan Van Dean

A Generation X gay guy, interested in gadgets, photography, writing, science fiction and fantasy, movies, books, philosophy and politics.

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