This fireman found a puppy in a trash can

550D_IMG_0125This fireman found a puppy in a trash can. At first I was angry, but what happened next will take your breath away, bring a tear to your eye, amaze and shock you, and make your jaw drop. You’ll never believe the ‘out of this world’ result. I’m still speechless. Read to learn the shocking truth corporate fat cats don’t want you to know. It will blow your mind!

Ha! Made you click! Welcome to the age of the click-bait headline. I hate hate hate them. Really, I do. They’re all over social media. They sometimes lead to interesting articles, but I so loath the idea of being lured by the cheap-shot headlines, that I just refuse to click them anymore. I hope this era ends soon.

Dylan Van Dean

A Generation X gay guy, interested in gadgets, photography, writing, science fiction and fantasy, movies, books, philosophy and politics.

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