Nude Yoga [NSFW]

Hey everyone. It’s Evan again. Today I’ve got links to resources for gay nudists. Today, I have a collection of nude yoga resources. As usual, not safe for work. Enjoy!

In my last post, I mentioned there is such a thing as nude yoga. First, here’s a short video introduction to nude yoga from some practitioners in Fort Lauderdale.

(The two guys in this video are the ones behind the PetitQ underwear brand, by the way. Tomorrow we’ll feature a video from PetitQ, so watch for that.)

You will notice in the comments people have posted about the video, they say “Why is the instructor wearing a cock ring?” People, it is hot in Ft Lauderdale. Sometimes you need a cock ring just to keep your sweaty junk from chafing. Trust me; I know this from experience! Anyway…

Another video about naked yoga:

Here’s a list of gay/men’s nude yoga clubs/instructors. I have culled this list from various other web sites, and verified all links (on Feb. 14, 2015) as being functional. If you know of more that I have missed, please leave a comment and I’ll update the list.

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