Ricky Martin’s New Album

Ricky Martin’s new album, Ricky Martin – A Quien Quiera Escuchar (Deluxe Edition), just dropped a few days ago. It’s on Spotify, which is where you will wind up if you click the link above. I think the title in English means “To those who want to play”.

It’s a mostly Spanish language album, with a few English words thrown in here and there. All I can say is Ricky can sing in Spanish to me all day long, honey!

I wonder how different Ricky’s career would have gone if he had handled that disastrous Barbara Walter’s interview better and just said, “Yes, Barbara, I am gay.”

Anyway, have a listen and share your thoughts.

Caleb Zephyr

Caleb writes about gay literature, music, and visual arts for theBigGayBlog.

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